Statement-making style
Editorial edge
High performance
Sustainable luxury


Bottle & cap made
from 100% PCR
UV Protection

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The Brand

R+Co BLEU, the new couture-calibre capsule collection from R+Co. Combining modernity and style with breakthrough innovations in ‘skin-care inspired’ formulation, consciously created and iconic packaging design, this new range brings glamour, sophistication and unparalleled quality to daily hair care.

Formulated with the highest-performance non-toxic ingredients, the R+Co BLEU collection produces superior results, leaving hair healed, restored, and luxuriously transformed.

Bleu Molecule Complex

Sustainable luxury. Consciously created.

R+Co BLEU is founded upon the guiding principle that luxury today is defined by unparalleled quality and performance, overarching thoughtfulness and a commitment to sustainable practices. How we treat our planet and how we treat ourselves are inextricable

R+Co BLEU is proud to make a lasting commitment to our environment and to our consumers by using PCR: post-consumer resources. Featuring cutting-edge packaging that is both recycled and recyclable.

Bottles and jars are made of 100% post-consumer recycled material. Canisters are crafted from 100% aluminum. Cartons and secondary packaging are developed from 100% post-consumer recycled paper sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified forests and feature soy-based inks.

BLEU molecule complex

The R+Co BLEU collection is an uncompromising, results-driven range, created for consumers who care for their hair with the same thought and dedication they devote to their skin.

Each product contains the proprietary BLEU Molecule Complex designed to build strength and shine, leaving hair healed, restored, and luxuriously transformed.

Micro-encapsulated sugar molecules gradually deliver active ingredients, treating the surface of the follicle and restoring the cuticle to its virgin state. Sugar molecules provide intelligent deposit of caring ingredients on damaged hair. Avocado, Abyssinica and Sunflower seed oils provide hydration and shine.

Bleu Molecule Complex

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